Monday, April 30, 2007

A WHOLE lotta view on chocs

Haven't blogged for days... I was just busy. Until now, I'm busy. Just sneaking in to write a few words here.

Well, my weekend was spent with my family in Bataan. You know, the only thing I hate (well, I guess it is a love-hate thing) when I go there is my mom's preparing all my favorite foods -- some tomato-based ones and her oh-so-good adobo paired with rice boiled to perfection -- and she's ruining my diet. lol. Good thing my dad and I play badminton in the morning.

So there. My work today is about getting every think tank out there on the Net. I know such organizations but I just found out today that they're called think tanks. Interesting. And that chocolates and choco liquor has insect filth as one of their ingredients and that was like eeew. lol. I wish I didn't found out about that at all. No wonder they're crunchy. Hahaha! And I'm posting this to change your views too with chocolates. lol. Evil me....

I just have to find out WHY. But with all the work piled up on me today, I guess that other research would take a while. So chocs are on hold for now. Or forever. =(

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