Thursday, April 12, 2007

The perfect g-day outfit

"Give me something to believe in
Coz I don't believe in you anymore

These lines are silly. How could you believe anything from someone you no longer trust? Duh! But I will forgive the song for its catchy melody. And anything for Adam Levine ♥

BTW, here's what my sister bought at SM Pampanga for her graduation day.

I with my sincerest heart would like to my sister to look good on her graduation day, so I rated this as a NO.

Big NO for the entire outfit.

Her school imposed these policies for the graduation:
  • Black closed shoes is mandatory
  • For the ladies, do not wear short skirts and other revealing outfits (low necklines, sleeveless, backless, etc.)
  • For those who have already bought such outfit for the graduation day, a bolero, scarf or vest will do the trick
Well, the first rule just suck! I mean, what decent semi-formal attire can you wear with a pair of black closed shoes? It is too limiting! Getting a decent outift to match that shoe can be tricky.

In the case of the outfit, matching it with a pair of black shoes will just make her look like going to a Sunday mass instead of a graduation ceremony. I don't want my sister to blend in; I want her to stand out. So I activated the stylist in me =)

First option: Wear a solid-colored dress, then accessorize with anything black (necklace, belt). Black pearls are a safe choice.

Second: Check out the latest trends in fashion. This season, yellow (soon, it will be purple) and graphic prints dominate the runway. If you want to go with prints, try muted colors to blend in with your shoes.

See, you can be fashionably chic while being obedient by the rules of your school. Smart eh? =)

In our case, with so many items in that category to chose from, I've decided to go for the second option. My sister and I shopped at Glorietta, and found this pretty piece in Get Laud from Goldcrest. A steal for only 480 pesos =)

Dress rehearsal. lol. No makeup, decent hairstyle and accessories yet. Poor photo lighting though =( But whatever! Our mom will be in charge of her jewelries. And my sister loves this wrap dress! I'm sure she'll look fab on her graduation day =) Though this one has a plunging neckline. But then again, WHATEVER. Fashion is all about breaking the rules. lol. As if her school authorities will ban them on their g-day if they do not comply! Hah

The dress is waaayyyy better than the other one. I can see that.

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