Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mall-hopped while not totally feeling OK

Ok. The images are taking forever to load into my site. I dunno why. My image host must have screwed up.

Well anyway, I wasn't feeling fine yesterday so I took extra nap time and yep, I didn't report for work. Then come lunchtime it was so hot in my room that I need to go somewhere - anywhere - to chill out. I decided to have my office shoes fixed at SM and have some lunch there. I ate at Jollibee and had some Gonuts Donuts too. Yum! =) I was feeling ok then so my next stop was Greenhills. It's been a while since I last stepped there and checked some stuffs. I bought a shirt there anyway. Then I headed to Quiapo to buy... well, DVDs. lol. I bought Heroes and some collection with 300 in it. Then it was almost six in the evening so I headed home.

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