Thursday, April 12, 2007

Unexpected rain + Ryan's birthday treat

It is April, the middle of summer season here in the Philippines, but it rained heavily last night! I was shopping for groceries then. I stepped out of the store, and the street was already flooded! Grr.... I didn't bother bringing an umbrella at all. No one would expect a heavy rain in summer. Duh! So I waited for the rain to mellow out before boarding home.

Our weather is really funked up. It was pretty late at night then when I went to the grocer. I was hurrying to go home when the heavy rain came. How can you not curse that?

Anyway, I wanna greet my dear friend and colleague Ryan a belated happy birthday. His birthday was on April 5th, and it is Maundy Thursday, so we prodded him to treat us the day before.

These photos were taken last April 4th, when Ryan treated us for a dessert galore at Starbucks. Yum! =)

Starbucks has been our official hangout. If its walls could only talk, they have the juiciest buzz to tell the world about me and my friends.

Ryan's on the left, one of the few guys who can really pull off wearing a hot pink shirt. lol. And the other guy's Leslie. A hardcore blogger, I must say.

Leslie and Ary, the boy-next-door. Haha

Me and Ivy, Ryan's girlfriend. I don't look good here =(

The guy who took Ary's order must be really lonely (or perhaps gay). Google it if possible, or ask your Filipino friends what this word means. lol.

Kill the gay guy for tarnishing Ary's name!!! lol

Anyhoo, thanks Ryan for the delicious treats! =) Heaps of sweetness and joy for you today and for many years to come!


Shaman said...

hapi bertdey to me... hihi!

thanks may belabed pren!

topspin me said...

An overdue belated happy birthday to shaman ryan!

wow, kat...yet another new layout design! Nice.

Anyway, miss you guys!

Ary said...

Haha..I'm going to get the pictures posted and post it to my blog...hehehehe