Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So sorry for my eyes!

Listening to: Simple Plan's Addicted

Aaack! My eyes are really sore! The late nights are now taking its toll on me. I know, my eyebags are here to stay, but my eyes... they can no longer stand staring at the computer screen for minutes due to fatigue. So this'll be a quick post, oki?

I need to go to the grocer again. This time I'll add these must must-haves:

  • Ice compress
  • Eye drops
And I have to sleep early this time! Tsk

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Mommy Chi said...

hi anna... well, my tabulas account is still active.. hybernate lang muna.. although i always update dito sa blogger account ko (http://www.mommychi.blogspot.com)

Ingat ka rin.