Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Post-its from afar

Rush lang...

Here are my notes from my first few days here:

June 3rd

I didn't get enough sleep on the plane. When the plane took off I was like, "OMG I'm leaving Manila for real!" The place I'm staying is really posh but at the end of the day I just cried myself to sleep. Nothing beats home.

June 4th

First day at work. I was in a hurry coz it was 8:45am and I'm still in my condo. Work is at 9. I managed to get there on time. Miracle.

June 5th

Training is tough. I'm dealing with clients and custodians for unmatched bond trades. Then check with the trader to see who's correct, then call counterparty again if anything needs amendment from their end. Made my first call to a counterparty and I stuttered. I'm doomed.

June 6th

I dunno the number combination of my luggage! So I removed the lock and detroyed the new bag. =( I just bought it last Saturday!

P.S. I need a padlock =(

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hello from SG

Naman! Life in Singapore is so fast-paced! My first five days here made me feel like I've done a lot of things. Everyone's in a hurry, everyone is busy. I just stole a few minutes to blog and say hello to my dear friends in the blogospherrrrrr. =)

Every night I jot down thoughts and notes the classic way - diary in the form of post-its - coz I never had the time to blog about stuffs here. I just write the moment something pops off my mind. I'll transfer them here the very moment I find the day to just blog.

Anyway, till here. I'm busy, as everyone else here.