Monday, April 30, 2007

A WHOLE lotta view on chocs

Haven't blogged for days... I was just busy. Until now, I'm busy. Just sneaking in to write a few words here.

Well, my weekend was spent with my family in Bataan. You know, the only thing I hate (well, I guess it is a love-hate thing) when I go there is my mom's preparing all my favorite foods -- some tomato-based ones and her oh-so-good adobo paired with rice boiled to perfection -- and she's ruining my diet. lol. Good thing my dad and I play badminton in the morning.

So there. My work today is about getting every think tank out there on the Net. I know such organizations but I just found out today that they're called think tanks. Interesting. And that chocolates and choco liquor has insect filth as one of their ingredients and that was like eeew. lol. I wish I didn't found out about that at all. No wonder they're crunchy. Hahaha! And I'm posting this to change your views too with chocolates. lol. Evil me....

I just have to find out WHY. But with all the work piled up on me today, I guess that other research would take a while. So chocs are on hold for now. Or forever. =(

Thursday, April 26, 2007

No mellows for me. Not today.

The whole ordeal is putting me on the verge of depression. I'm crying almost every night. It was crazy! So yea, no mellow/acoustics/soul music for me. For now.

I deleted my senti tracks from my phone and put Maroon 5 and Ne-Yo and Electric Six and every upbeat tune my phone's memory can take to get rid of the sadness clouding over me.

And rock music! Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Static-X... gimme gimme!

PSE, scents, and shouldawoulds

This is me writing something (leftie, obviously) at the Philippine Stock Exchange training we had yesterday in Ortigas. Taking notes from the training? Nah. The fact is Dondon - the guy on my right (obvs!) - and I were exchanging notes then.

The first half of the seminar lasted until around 12:30pm, so imagine our longing for food while the speaker was all engrossed with fundamental analysis then (I just had crackers that morning). But for the record, I listened. Though not intently. Not much.

I was the first in line when the food was served. I was really hungry, wala akong sinasanto.

There. Apart from the fundamental analysis class, that was pretty much the highlight of the training, in my point of view =)

In other news, my sister and her boyf went to Megamall yesterday and the sales guy in the department store informed them of the buy-one-take-one thing on colognes and perfumes. Her boyf asked if he could buy a men's scent and have a for her scent for free. Luckily for my sister, she had hers for free.

I checked her perfume this morning and it smelled like Clinique Happy. Wala lang, just sharing.


Aside from Matchbox' If You're Gone and Papa Roach's Forever, Beverly Knight's Shoulda Woulda Coulda always makes me cry =( And as each day passes, I feel like I could relate to the song more and more =( =(


People say that together we were both sides of the same coin
That we would shine like Venus in a clear night sky
We thought our love could overcome the circumstances
But my ambition wouldn't allow for compromise

I could see in the distance all the dreams that were clear to me
Every choice that I had to make left you on your own
Somehow the road we started down had split asunder
Too late to realize how far apart we'd grown

How I wish I, wish I'd done a little bit more
Now " Shoulda woulda coulda," means I'm out of time
Coz "Shoulda woulda coulda", can't change your mind
And I wonder, wonder, wonder what I'm gonna do
"Shoulda woulda coulda" are the last words of a fool

People ask how it feels to live the kind of life others dream about
I tell them everybody gotta face their highs and their lows
And in my life there's a love I put aside
Cause I was busy loving something else
So for every little thing you hold on to
You've got to let something else go

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

So sorry for my eyes!

Listening to: Simple Plan's Addicted

Aaack! My eyes are really sore! The late nights are now taking its toll on me. I know, my eyebags are here to stay, but my eyes... they can no longer stand staring at the computer screen for minutes due to fatigue. So this'll be a quick post, oki?

I need to go to the grocer again. This time I'll add these must must-haves:

  • Ice compress
  • Eye drops
And I have to sleep early this time! Tsk

She's always ahead of the game

Kate Moss is my -- and almost everyone else's -- style icon. She's always a season ahead of the trends in fashion. Like this photo, for example. This was taken on the last week of February. Rocker chick, indeed.

And then this month, grunge look is on runways. Cardigans, flannel shirts and vintage tees... I love vintage tees! And boots. However, since it is summer season here in Manila, I'm not sure how I could exactly pull this look off this time of the year. And I am not really a risk-taker fashion-wise. I guess I'll just settle with vintage tees and shorts. The only thing I can make sure is I put rock-n-roll flavor on every outfit I wear when going out. Well, almost. Just subtle ones, like, accessories. And flared jeans! I'm a big fan of flared jeans, even in the midst of skinny-jeans and peg-leg trend.

From fab to flab =(

Mondays are almost always a bore. Nothing much (or nothing at all) to blog about.

Anyway, I am absolutely not making this up, ok? But really, I was mistaken as a mannequin in Greenhills shopping arcade last Sunday! I was just staring at some shirts when a woman from behind grabbed my arms. I looked at her and she was like, "Oh, I thought you're a mannequin! I was just about to move you away from the walkway" and kept on saying sorry and seemed embarrassed. The salesgirl near us was laughing, and I told her, "Duh, I'm not even slim enough to be like one!" But maybe the woman's a pickpocket-er, if there's such a term. You'll never know, right? Even inside shopping malls, you have to be extra careful with your belongings. But still, I'm flattered. Heh.

And then I was on my way to work this morning when the driver said to me, " You're getting fat. Did you just settled down?" I was shocked and just said, "I'm too young to get hitched! I'm only 24." But really, if you settle down, you get fat? Maybe, as some ladies get disoriented with their new role as a wife. But that doesn't happen to everyone.

Gee, I really really have to get back to working out! I don't have a decent exercise for three weeks already! Sad.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth music for Earth day

I was about to blog about this yesterday but my computer's having a slow Internet connection. Anyhoo, one thing I noticed for the past few days is everytime my sister and I fight, we talk the following day as if nothing happened. As if we never fought. Ever.

Not that I'm complaining. I'm just sayin'.

Anyhoo again...

Belated happy happy Earth Day!

Earth Day was actually yesterday. Just a heads up: It is an annual observance to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Thanks to Wikipedia.

Here in Manila, I think it was celebrated for the entire past week. BJ and I (and some more friends) went to Malate at Fluid Lounge last Friday to support my friend Ryan's event tagged Musikalikasan. We got a taste of contemporary world music from Lakbay Lahi and Unitiima.

World music got served and I'm totally loving it! I wanna dance when Lakbay Lahi performed actually. I was just shy ^-^ I even have a girl crush on their rower. lols

G-crush! What's her name, Ryan? Hehehe!

She's really simple, and really cute. But quite a snob eh? She's not looking at the audience. Or maybe she's trying to focus on their performance. She is playing three instruments (???) at the same time during their performance.

After the event, BJ and I thought of heading to Tomas Morato for the Earth Day Jam (my sister was there with her friends) for some rock 'n rollin' music. But my sister messaged me that she's already heading home. So we called it a night at 2. Bleh.

Now I wish to attend to an event where Lakbay Lahi and Kadangyan (loves!) are present. That would be heaps of fun.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Luvin' this photo ♥

Days come and go
But my feelings for you are forever...

Music is everyone's upper

I am so happy! I was able to download my fave rock music finally! Was so stupid for not figuring out sooner that anyone can dl music in their multiply account. lols. So so stooooopid! Tsk.

Anyway, here's what I have downloaded:
  • Korn - Twisted Transistor
  • Papa Roach - Forever
  • Saliva - Black Sheep (love this one! heaps!)
  • Saliva - Here With You
  • Saliva - Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Static X - Push It
  • Stonesour - 30/30-150
  • Marilyn Manson - Get Your Gunn
  • Marilyn Manson - Long Hard Road Out of Hell
  • Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

Kat totally loves her rock music. Heaps! =)

Crankiness made people emit radiation

Everyone was cranky this morning, including me. My sister and I had a fight -- on laundry duties! See, she postponed hers for already a week, and I got quite irritated coz our dirty clothes are piling up. She always has these excuses, like, "Oh, I'll go out with my friends tonight, eh? I'll do the laundry tomorrow, I promise." Then the day came and she'll be like, "I have a date with..." And the list of excuses goes on and on. We're sharing each other's clothes and stuff since we have the same built (and taste perhaps) and I don't want to end up not being able to wear the clothes I like if I go out just because it's in the hamper. I kept reminding her about the laundry and she got mad at me and was like, "Fine! I won't attend my review class today! I'll just do the laundry!" And stormed off our room. Whatevs. She did the laundry anyway. I still win.

And then BJ and I fought about the "opportunity" I blogged in here two days ago. He was upset coz he just found out about that on my mobile phone and yada-yada.... I haven't discussed it with him - YET - coz it's not confirmed. YET.

Man, I feel like everything's really dragging me. Must be the bee sting I got last Sunday? Maybe it's the culprit of my getting cranky. I was stung on my palm. I shoved the bee away but its needle is still in my hand. My sister tried to pinch my palm to bleed but to no avail. The needle even went deeper! Right now it was itchy (and I think it will be itchy forever). I hope I won't morph into something. Hehe. Whatevs.

I love Ne-Yo's Because of You track. I'm not exactly a fan of Hip-Hop and R&B but I do make exceptions (I like Black Eyed Peas, Gwen Stefani, and AKON -- totally digging Akon) and this song.... it's pretty catchy.

Well anyway, just to minimize the crankiness:

Isn't David such a cutie pie? He's a total blessing in our house.

My sister and I too. lols. Whatevs.

Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Need some windin' up

I was reading a back issue of People magazine and I saw there a photo of model Claudine Trillo with Webb indicated as her new last name. I searched the Net and found out that she is married to one of my high school crushes, pro basketball player Jason Webb. And they already have two kids! Sigh... They make a cute couple anyway.

The air is crisp now. Manila weather should stay this way for more summer luvin'.

And my mom bought rings as gift for me and my sister. She actually bought the rings as graduation gift for my sister and the other so I won't get jealous (I think). I'm supposed to post a photo of the rings but somehow I can't upload it. Blogger must be funked up. Anyway, I'm loving it so much. Thanks mum!

Alright, I am really out of whack right now. This is supposed to be a long entry about my day but I can't organize my thoughts. Pft. Must be due to my lack of eight-hour sleep (for five days straight!), eating junkfood (heaps!), and humid Manila weather. Ok, gotta go now.

No wait....


Yeah, I was thinking of posting something about me getting quite messed up these days. It started with my sister's graduation. You know, the whole I-wanna-style-her-so-she'll-look-fab-on-her-g'day thing. Little did she knew I was window shopping on my own after our trip to SM Pampanga. I was quite stressed then. I dunno. I was really in a karir mode with getting her in style. And then come her g-day, then the trip to Mall of Asia, PLUS the funken humid weather. Dear, you will really get irritated! Then I got home and not exactly getting enough sleep, coz of the funken weather again. Dammit, I really wish summer's over.

And then these past weekdays I was going home late from work, getting sleep for just four hours, and then work first thing in the morning. I wanna file for a leave but we have stock exchange training this week. It'll be very exciting to know how to analyze charts (since I've studied the basics in Bloomberg University and it really got me interested -- yea, nerd. whatevs) and predict how the stocks will perform in the near future, and then write about them and investors will read your post and follow your say and then the prices will go the way you told them so and then they'll praise you and even kiss your feet (and give you moolah if they lurve you). Whew! There. It is all about the moolah -- and the excitement and energy around it, really. Whatevs!

So yeah.... the mixed emos gave me a zit on my forehead, dark eye circles (although they're meant to stay -- but they got darker than ever), and unkempt feet. I really need to go to a spa. And more decent sleep.

Sigh... Can't wait for the weekend.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Basically pissed off

Some things:

  • The shuttle I boarded on for work this morning aired Magic 89.9 FM on the radio. They have this contest wherein you have to answer three NBA-related questions to win NBA-related prizes I cannot remember. Hehe. Anyway, I was really pissed at the contestant. He doesn't know which team had the most losses in the 2003-04 season. I don't know either. lol. But not knowing the other jersey number Jordan used throughout his NBA career??? And I even know the answer to the last question! The guy who won the 3-point shootout for two consecutive years (for 2002 and 2003)! Dumbass...

  • There's this huge opportunity served on my plate yesterday. I cannot tell what exactly it is yet for it is really great if pushed through that I don't wanna jinx it. Hehe. But I am thankful that there were two angels sent to my aid to make me realize even for just a li'l bit (for now) that something's about to happen.

  • I got mad at someone last night. REALLY mad. He promised something and I held on to it and he broke it! I've said harsh words to him and I did not regret it, surprisingly.

  • Our company's client will be here next week. I wonder how he'll get by with Manila's weather as he will be here for a couple of weeks. It was really humid I perspire right after taking a shower. I no longer even put moisturizer as I've always been doing before I sleep! Well, I just wish him the best of luck.

  • In other random news and tidbits, Prince William dumped Kate through a mobile phone call. If your gadgets are making you sick, here's what ya gonna do. And South Korea was shocked with the Virginia Tech killing link. I was trying not to cry the day I found out about the tragic killings. My condolences to the mourning.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just had cinnamon roll for lunch... =(

So hungry!

I want cake =(

Catching up on the chatter

My PC says it is 3:16 pm, and I haven't started working yet! Lemme see the spreadsheet.... wow, I have seven assignments on my plate today! Anyway, I still need more time checking out some sites to be in-the-know. lol. But lo and behold.... Prince William is back in the market! Too bad the press, long-distance thingie, and maybe the groping of random women in a bar took the toll in his relationship with Middleton. Tsk. Well, he's cute (I was crushing on him - just a little - in High School, then I got sick of him) but his li'l bro is HOT. ^-^

upper of the day: Korn's Twisted Transistor

Sister graduated


The entrance ticket says the ceremony will start at 5:30 am. Well, funk off! We (plus mom and David) left the apartment at 5:30. The ceremony started at 7.

The graduate and her stylist. I didn't have enough sleep... Slept at 11 pm (It was a warm evening, you'll get a hard time dozing off) and woke up at three to get her all dolled up for her g-day.

The ceremony ended at 12. Very much hungry then, so off we went to Mall of Asia.

(mom's photo pixelated to protect privacy)

David learned doing the peace sign from us, like it's a must everytime your photo is taken. He is SO Asian! Ayt!

Like I said, we were VERY hungry... so we settled for fast food (er, Jollibee -- hearts by David and every Pinoy kid in the world) for lunch. We took a little stroll and David went for a carousel ride. Mom told me to assist him in the ride, for it'll be awkward for my sister as she is in skirts. I have no choice. Whatever.

As you can see, my sister is the lousiest photog ever! She took five photos of us and believe it or not, this is the most decent shot. lol

After that, we took more photos and headed to our apartment. We got home at four and I caught up on some ZZZs.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The perfect g-day outfit

"Give me something to believe in
Coz I don't believe in you anymore

These lines are silly. How could you believe anything from someone you no longer trust? Duh! But I will forgive the song for its catchy melody. And anything for Adam Levine ♥

BTW, here's what my sister bought at SM Pampanga for her graduation day.

I with my sincerest heart would like to my sister to look good on her graduation day, so I rated this as a NO.

Big NO for the entire outfit.

Her school imposed these policies for the graduation:
  • Black closed shoes is mandatory
  • For the ladies, do not wear short skirts and other revealing outfits (low necklines, sleeveless, backless, etc.)
  • For those who have already bought such outfit for the graduation day, a bolero, scarf or vest will do the trick
Well, the first rule just suck! I mean, what decent semi-formal attire can you wear with a pair of black closed shoes? It is too limiting! Getting a decent outift to match that shoe can be tricky.

In the case of the outfit, matching it with a pair of black shoes will just make her look like going to a Sunday mass instead of a graduation ceremony. I don't want my sister to blend in; I want her to stand out. So I activated the stylist in me =)

First option: Wear a solid-colored dress, then accessorize with anything black (necklace, belt). Black pearls are a safe choice.

Second: Check out the latest trends in fashion. This season, yellow (soon, it will be purple) and graphic prints dominate the runway. If you want to go with prints, try muted colors to blend in with your shoes.

See, you can be fashionably chic while being obedient by the rules of your school. Smart eh? =)

In our case, with so many items in that category to chose from, I've decided to go for the second option. My sister and I shopped at Glorietta, and found this pretty piece in Get Laud from Goldcrest. A steal for only 480 pesos =)

Dress rehearsal. lol. No makeup, decent hairstyle and accessories yet. Poor photo lighting though =( But whatever! Our mom will be in charge of her jewelries. And my sister loves this wrap dress! I'm sure she'll look fab on her graduation day =) Though this one has a plunging neckline. But then again, WHATEVER. Fashion is all about breaking the rules. lol. As if her school authorities will ban them on their g-day if they do not comply! Hah

The dress is waaayyyy better than the other one. I can see that.

Unexpected rain + Ryan's birthday treat

It is April, the middle of summer season here in the Philippines, but it rained heavily last night! I was shopping for groceries then. I stepped out of the store, and the street was already flooded! Grr.... I didn't bother bringing an umbrella at all. No one would expect a heavy rain in summer. Duh! So I waited for the rain to mellow out before boarding home.

Our weather is really funked up. It was pretty late at night then when I went to the grocer. I was hurrying to go home when the heavy rain came. How can you not curse that?

Anyway, I wanna greet my dear friend and colleague Ryan a belated happy birthday. His birthday was on April 5th, and it is Maundy Thursday, so we prodded him to treat us the day before.

These photos were taken last April 4th, when Ryan treated us for a dessert galore at Starbucks. Yum! =)

Starbucks has been our official hangout. If its walls could only talk, they have the juiciest buzz to tell the world about me and my friends.

Ryan's on the left, one of the few guys who can really pull off wearing a hot pink shirt. lol. And the other guy's Leslie. A hardcore blogger, I must say.

Leslie and Ary, the boy-next-door. Haha

Me and Ivy, Ryan's girlfriend. I don't look good here =(

The guy who took Ary's order must be really lonely (or perhaps gay). Google it if possible, or ask your Filipino friends what this word means. lol.

Kill the gay guy for tarnishing Ary's name!!! lol

Anyhoo, thanks Ryan for the delicious treats! =) Heaps of sweetness and joy for you today and for many years to come!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Who's on the latest F&H billboard ad?

My sister and I are arguing over who's the latest endorser of Folded and Hung with billboards everywhere from EDSA to NLEX. She claimed the lady is Maja Salvador, an ABS-CBN talent. Sorry, I don't know her or any of the latest talents from Channel 2. I'm a solid Kapuso.

photo from F&H site

I thought she's Judy Ann Santos, really! Right before I found out she's not her I keep on looking at her billboards, feeling so happy for her trying to lose weight for years and is now slim as ever AND now has inched a clothing endorsement deal.

After knowing who the girl really is... heck, I still like Judy Ann anyway.

Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder" Video

They're back! And the band's latest song is really catchy and I'm loving it. Plus Adam Levine's hot. lol. Totally digging his new look. And the shoes.... I'm loving it! And they way he plays his guitar..... Hearts hearts =) So sexay!

But why is James Valentine (guitarist) head-banging at the near end of the video? This isn't hardcore rock! Silly rabbit...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The long break ends today

I need a lot of catching up to do with my blog, and so is my work in the office. But heck, I'll blog first.

I spent the Holy Week with my family in Bataan, marathoned Heroes, played badminton with my dad and sister, eat lots of food (I gained a few pounds -- sad), and attended a mass on Easter Sunday. It was pretty boring, but I spent it with my family and that's all that matters.

Just a quick post for today. Gotta work!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mall-hopped while not totally feeling OK

Ok. The images are taking forever to load into my site. I dunno why. My image host must have screwed up.

Well anyway, I wasn't feeling fine yesterday so I took extra nap time and yep, I didn't report for work. Then come lunchtime it was so hot in my room that I need to go somewhere - anywhere - to chill out. I decided to have my office shoes fixed at SM and have some lunch there. I ate at Jollibee and had some Gonuts Donuts too. Yum! =) I was feeling ok then so my next stop was Greenhills. It's been a while since I last stepped there and checked some stuffs. I bought a shirt there anyway. Then I headed to Quiapo to buy... well, DVDs. lol. I bought Heroes and some collection with 300 in it. Then it was almost six in the evening so I headed home.

No to work; Yes to blogging

I am so lazy to work today! My friend Ryan said my blog is too bright and colorful (at least for his taste) so I'm thinking of changing the layout. Like right now.

This is the past layout... I'd say goodbye to this one for a while.

Sad and binged

You know how sensitive to fat my body is? I just skipped exercise yesterday and I gained pounds right away. =(

Two evenings ago, my officemates and I went to Guadalupe for our fellow colleague Amy's mom's wake. She died of cancer, I just forgot what type. Anyway, I didn't look at Amy's mom in the coffin. I'm scared... no, I'm just afraid I would cry. It will be embarrassing coz Amy's a strong woman and I don't know her mom. There.

I was really sad then that I binged on food in the wake. I ate heaps of nuts and pastries, and drank OJ. Then we left a few moments later.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Mall-hopping not pushed through

I've made a lot of blogs from tabulas to xanga to blogger to caliope that I dunno which among them should make my official blog. So confused.

Anyway, my family and I went to SM Pampanga yesterday. It was our first time to go there except my elder brother who has made it his default dating place from his plethora of girlfriends. We left our house at 10:30 in the morning and boy, it was so hot outside. Like it's gonna peel us alive. We got there at SM so hungry so we headed straight ahead to Pizza Hut. We ordered family-size pizza (of course), topped it with cheezy volcano crust (which I am totally loving), then had separate meals. My parents and brother had rice meals, while me and my sister had pasta. Our youngest boy -- David -- had a platter (chicken-garlic bread-fries combo). We were almost done eating when we saw Jollibee near the mall's lobby. There was an event for kids there and Jollibee showed up as their special guest.

Since it'll be David's first time to see Jollibee actually moving, my sister took him there to see it. I followed suit to have their photo taken. No photos to post here, though. Though not yet. I'm in my office, and it's a no-no to upload anything on my PC.

So there. My brother had three slices of pizza. Gee, so hungry. Anyway, after that we went to the kids' arcade arena of some sort where David played and had more of his photos taken. Then my mom, sister and I left the boys there for a while for some shopping. My mom bought a pair of pants and a blouse, so is my sister. It took us more than an hour to check the stores, that dad was so mad he messaged us on my phone threatening to leave us if we didn't get back to the arcade like right now. Sheesh. Boys.

We were also planning to hop off to Robinson's Pampanga but the guys were already tired (well, just my dad) they wanna go home. Pft.