Tuesday, April 24, 2007

She's always ahead of the game

Kate Moss is my -- and almost everyone else's -- style icon. She's always a season ahead of the trends in fashion. Like this photo, for example. This was taken on the last week of February. Rocker chick, indeed.

And then this month, grunge look is on runways. Cardigans, flannel shirts and vintage tees... I love vintage tees! And boots. However, since it is summer season here in Manila, I'm not sure how I could exactly pull this look off this time of the year. And I am not really a risk-taker fashion-wise. I guess I'll just settle with vintage tees and shorts. The only thing I can make sure is I put rock-n-roll flavor on every outfit I wear when going out. Well, almost. Just subtle ones, like, accessories. And flared jeans! I'm a big fan of flared jeans, even in the midst of skinny-jeans and peg-leg trend.

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