Thursday, April 19, 2007

Need some windin' up

I was reading a back issue of People magazine and I saw there a photo of model Claudine Trillo with Webb indicated as her new last name. I searched the Net and found out that she is married to one of my high school crushes, pro basketball player Jason Webb. And they already have two kids! Sigh... They make a cute couple anyway.

The air is crisp now. Manila weather should stay this way for more summer luvin'.

And my mom bought rings as gift for me and my sister. She actually bought the rings as graduation gift for my sister and the other so I won't get jealous (I think). I'm supposed to post a photo of the rings but somehow I can't upload it. Blogger must be funked up. Anyway, I'm loving it so much. Thanks mum!

Alright, I am really out of whack right now. This is supposed to be a long entry about my day but I can't organize my thoughts. Pft. Must be due to my lack of eight-hour sleep (for five days straight!), eating junkfood (heaps!), and humid Manila weather. Ok, gotta go now.

No wait....


Yeah, I was thinking of posting something about me getting quite messed up these days. It started with my sister's graduation. You know, the whole I-wanna-style-her-so-she'll-look-fab-on-her-g'day thing. Little did she knew I was window shopping on my own after our trip to SM Pampanga. I was quite stressed then. I dunno. I was really in a karir mode with getting her in style. And then come her g-day, then the trip to Mall of Asia, PLUS the funken humid weather. Dear, you will really get irritated! Then I got home and not exactly getting enough sleep, coz of the funken weather again. Dammit, I really wish summer's over.

And then these past weekdays I was going home late from work, getting sleep for just four hours, and then work first thing in the morning. I wanna file for a leave but we have stock exchange training this week. It'll be very exciting to know how to analyze charts (since I've studied the basics in Bloomberg University and it really got me interested -- yea, nerd. whatevs) and predict how the stocks will perform in the near future, and then write about them and investors will read your post and follow your say and then the prices will go the way you told them so and then they'll praise you and even kiss your feet (and give you moolah if they lurve you). Whew! There. It is all about the moolah -- and the excitement and energy around it, really. Whatevs!

So yeah.... the mixed emos gave me a zit on my forehead, dark eye circles (although they're meant to stay -- but they got darker than ever), and unkempt feet. I really need to go to a spa. And more decent sleep.

Sigh... Can't wait for the weekend.

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