Monday, April 2, 2007

Mall-hopping not pushed through

I've made a lot of blogs from tabulas to xanga to blogger to caliope that I dunno which among them should make my official blog. So confused.

Anyway, my family and I went to SM Pampanga yesterday. It was our first time to go there except my elder brother who has made it his default dating place from his plethora of girlfriends. We left our house at 10:30 in the morning and boy, it was so hot outside. Like it's gonna peel us alive. We got there at SM so hungry so we headed straight ahead to Pizza Hut. We ordered family-size pizza (of course), topped it with cheezy volcano crust (which I am totally loving), then had separate meals. My parents and brother had rice meals, while me and my sister had pasta. Our youngest boy -- David -- had a platter (chicken-garlic bread-fries combo). We were almost done eating when we saw Jollibee near the mall's lobby. There was an event for kids there and Jollibee showed up as their special guest.

Since it'll be David's first time to see Jollibee actually moving, my sister took him there to see it. I followed suit to have their photo taken. No photos to post here, though. Though not yet. I'm in my office, and it's a no-no to upload anything on my PC.

So there. My brother had three slices of pizza. Gee, so hungry. Anyway, after that we went to the kids' arcade arena of some sort where David played and had more of his photos taken. Then my mom, sister and I left the boys there for a while for some shopping. My mom bought a pair of pants and a blouse, so is my sister. It took us more than an hour to check the stores, that dad was so mad he messaged us on my phone threatening to leave us if we didn't get back to the arcade like right now. Sheesh. Boys.

We were also planning to hop off to Robinson's Pampanga but the guys were already tired (well, just my dad) they wanna go home. Pft.

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