Monday, April 23, 2007

Earth music for Earth day

I was about to blog about this yesterday but my computer's having a slow Internet connection. Anyhoo, one thing I noticed for the past few days is everytime my sister and I fight, we talk the following day as if nothing happened. As if we never fought. Ever.

Not that I'm complaining. I'm just sayin'.

Anyhoo again...

Belated happy happy Earth Day!

Earth Day was actually yesterday. Just a heads up: It is an annual observance to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Thanks to Wikipedia.

Here in Manila, I think it was celebrated for the entire past week. BJ and I (and some more friends) went to Malate at Fluid Lounge last Friday to support my friend Ryan's event tagged Musikalikasan. We got a taste of contemporary world music from Lakbay Lahi and Unitiima.

World music got served and I'm totally loving it! I wanna dance when Lakbay Lahi performed actually. I was just shy ^-^ I even have a girl crush on their rower. lols

G-crush! What's her name, Ryan? Hehehe!

She's really simple, and really cute. But quite a snob eh? She's not looking at the audience. Or maybe she's trying to focus on their performance. She is playing three instruments (???) at the same time during their performance.

After the event, BJ and I thought of heading to Tomas Morato for the Earth Day Jam (my sister was there with her friends) for some rock 'n rollin' music. But my sister messaged me that she's already heading home. So we called it a night at 2. Bleh.

Now I wish to attend to an event where Lakbay Lahi and Kadangyan (loves!) are present. That would be heaps of fun.


shamanism said...

heidi ata ang name nya... hehe! mabait yan... hihi.

Kat said...

hihihi! salamat =)

bubwit said...

Aba aba, collage!