Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It wasn't easy

So yes, I got promoted yesterday. But that morning I really REALLY have to file for resignation. And I really felt bad then but I have to do it.

So the opportunity I've long been blogging about is a shift in career. Life-changing, I'm telling you. For it is a career abroad.

Up 'till this morning I was thinking if I should blog about this or not. But heck, this is MY blog.


The other company needed me come first week of June (found out just yesterday), and I don't want to just fade away from my present employer so I've decided to file for resignation then to complete the notice period. And then I got promoted and things went a little crazy on my head. I was really anxious but then, yea, I have to do it.

Of course the management's shocked. I just got promoted. But what can I do? The opportunity doesn't reach everyone's plates. They strike once in your life. And I would feel worse had I passed on that.

And I bet everyone in my shoes would do the same. Getting a pass on that is just ridiculous.

So filed for my resignation and I have 30 freakin days to do heaps. My friend Ryan was there (as always) for my aid. He gave me a list of tangibles and intangibles, things I'd do first. I do not worry on the tangibles though, for my employer-to-be will assist me with them. What I am worrying now, is how I'll be able to squeeze in my remaining time to for some going-away get-togethers with friends. I have to see my friends from school (they're three different cliques - each from gradeschool, HS and college) and from work (present and past). And I haven't laid them yet on my planner. And I have 29 days more as of date. AND that doesn't count my family dearest yet.

And then Ryan gave me this insight worth sharing with everyone:

You're gonna see and experience a lot of new things out there. Some will be good, some will be bad. There will be times that you will feel alone and left out. But no matter what happens, NEVER FORGET WHO YOU ARE. You're leaving because you want a change for the better. There are few things that are worse than leaving behind everyone you knew and loved your whole life and thinking to yourself "Was it worth it?" And there are even fewer things that suck more than coming back, and people don't even recognize you anymore.

I will, Ry. I definitely will. =)

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