Thursday, May 10, 2007

I hate Visine Refresh

But I have no choice. They no longer market Visine Cool here in PH. Can't see them on any drugstores, and didn't bother asking the staff at all. I was browsing on stores for months for that eye drop, until I grew tired of looking and settled with the other.


I had lunch with my highschool friend Eva a while ago. We ate at Teriyaki Boy and it was my first time to eat there. Food is really really good! Oh well. It was actually their sauces that tickled my taste buds. Eva and I just had little chit-chats and very little window shop cheverloo after. And she said I'm getting skinny. Duh! It's been a week since I last hit the treadmill.

I'm gonna see her again next week. I'll just arrange a get-together with her and the rest of my HS buddies.

And YOU... You made my heart stomp on the ground.

Listening to: Saliva's Here With You

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