Thursday, May 17, 2007

Food and buzz

This is one of my local favorites that I will surely miss when I get to SG: Choco Soft Roll Cluster from Fortune Bakeshop. Unless, of course, they also have them there.

I love choco-flavored pastries with cheese toppings! Yum!

I ate the entire roll in just one sitting last Saturday, coz it will expire the following day.

I'm not complaining though... I love indulging in it

Anyway, this is not the main entry here. lol. This is just a li'l intro.


I wanna blog today about the buzz here in PH.

    --> I'm happy that Vicky Morales got a product endorsement deal with Pantene. She's one of the prettiest broadcasters here and I admire her for her wit and poise and I just adore all her clothes she's wearing on her TV shows. Hehe. She has been an inspiration and the endorsement is just the icing on the cake.

    --> I chanced upon this article and seriously laughed at it. Though I'm not based in Makati City, I'd rather have Binay as the city mayor than some puppet with vast land in Pampanga, who obviously was touted to run for office there so his "campaign manager" can control further the business center of PH. Lito Lapid should learn from this experience.

    --> I am one of those who seriously believe there is something more than a friendship between singers Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid. Duh! They've been an item for almost forever and until this day, the buzz is still there. I think Ogie and his wife Michelle Van Eimeren have long been separated and kept it low, just the same with his relationship with Regine. Well, we'll just have to wait for Ogie's "announcement" in a magazine in June.

    --> And this entry is nonsense if I have no post about the Gutierrez-Bektas separation. lol.

    I watched Annabelle Rama's interview in Showbiz Central instead of Ruffa's in The Buzz. Grabe, it was the first time (I think) the entire PH saw the ever-strong Annabelle breakdown in tears. Here are my favorite lines from the interview:

    • (When Pia Guanio relayed the news that Yilmaz will arrive in PH the following day.)
      "Hay naku, hindi matutuloy yan, 'dong."

    • "Wala pa namang Philippine Embassy dun. Eh pano kung ma-chop-chop siya (Ruffa) dun?"

    • "Pinapanood ko nga sa kanya yung DVD ng Chop-Chop Lady, saka yung Hollywood movie na nakalimutan ko ang title... Basta English.... Takot na nga si Ruffa eh."

    • (Message to Ruffa)
      "Ruffa, kung gusto mo akong matigok, sumunod ka sa Maldives (with Yilmaz)! Mamamatay ako!" (then brokedown to tears)

    Seriously, Annabelle should be the second Mom of the Year (next to my mom, duh). She is so right to be there and staying firm for her daughter who is hurt but still loving her husband.
Ok, enough of the local buzz =)


Dexter said...

I love Fortune's coffee or mocha slice, similar to Goldilocks' chiffon slice. A favorite pick whenever I drop by Mercury Drug. Delivered fresh every Tuesday.

Kat said...

Pati cheese and choco slice nila! =) I love Fortune Bakeshop!

jedianalyst said...

gusto ko yung parang hopia na chocolate-flavored sa Mercury... parang nagcrave tuloy ako.

Novice Blogger said...

oh parang di ko alam ang food na to a. wala ata ako sa earth nung sumikat to. pero titignan ko to. baka alam ko at di ko lang alam na ito ang name. at nakakatuwa talga ang mga bisaya na nanay. hehe.

Mommy Chi said...

you're leaving the philippines? pano yan? pag umuwi ako eh di na kita makikita?

cool ng mga news mo.. :D