Monday, May 7, 2007

Remember, remember...

The fifth of... May.

Yes, my sister Daena will forever thank me for prodding her to go to Malate to see Kadangyan and Unitiima perform. Saying we had a blast is really an understatement!

Now this is where you scroll-down-scroll-down on heaps of photos. But there are captions as pit stops. Heh!

Checking the cam

Hahaha! I love this shot!
Rick, Daena, Katkat, Ryan

Sound chick

And then the groove started

For blocking my view!

And everyone were held in trance

Another shot I love! Nice photos, Dundee!
This is Dondon btw, the heartbreaker of San Juan

Unitiima's hotshot! Friend ko yan! So proud of him =)

Kadangyan's Bhava Mitra... hearts

And Govinda... jaya-jaya

We're doing peace signs in almost all our shots it's not funny anymore. It is annoying already, actually.

After their performance, we also headed to the Vurve-something. I didn't like the crowd there. Don't like to whole hardcore hip-hop thing. I'm a rockstar! lol


Listening to: Seven Dust's Driven


Novice Blogger said...

haha! i love the view-blocking pic!

Kat said...

hehehe. muntik ko na ngang batuhin ng kung ano eh.

pero sabi ni govinda tinitingnan naman daw nya tayo sa reflection sa salamin. sweet.