Thursday, May 24, 2007

Volumes and pirates

I cut my long, blunt, boring hair with layers for volume. Unfortunately it was only good until my next shower, which was the day after and then it went back to limp and boring again. It was difficult to maintain and I am always on the go so blowdrying it for a few minutes is no option. I just clip it with whatevs and will always have bad hair days until it grows back.

Good thing I took a photo of it fresh from the salon. And this was five days ago.

And then I watched Pirates... At World's End. I'd say don't watch it at all. I wish I didn't watch its part two at all, actually. I just felt used. They just put all the hype they could around it for money, obviously. Those who watched Dead Man's Chest will surely check the latest installment to end their hanging feeling but I'm telling you, you will just be disappointed.

Just wait for the DVD to understand it fully (and appreciate it more).


Mommy Chi said...

ako, kahit ano pa sabihin ng mga critics.. manonood ako ng TRANSFORMERS! heheheh...

sinag said...

sayang naman ung long hair mo. :-D