Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I just don't get them

My sister have these stickers from the Pulp Summer Slam (rock concert in Amoranto Stadium titled Seven Deadly Sins) distributed in front of her school and I just find them really disturbing. I was about to take a photo of them for my blog but they appear blurred on my cam. Good thing the images are also found on the Net.

So yes, they're artistic, but disturbing. Each photo depicts dead/hurt people who has committed such mortal sins. So click on the images if you're willing to see the gore around them (like I didn't warn you). Images from


Could anyone please explain to me why Pride image was like that (except that the word pride is smeared on the wall, duh!)? And why such strong images are all on the Net to be accessed by everyone? And stickers of them are distributed on the streets freely?

Like we have to slamdance ourselves to death? Hurt people in the mosh pit? Like violence is worth a celebration. Is that it?


kikong kalikot said...

maybe its cool to hear and see people celebrating the "7 deadly sins"...

why not celebrate or theme their parties in the name of advocacy or in a much useful way..

shinkuuryu said...

Follow the logic:

1) Girl on the pride pic has a stuffed toy - even in death

2) Girl is therefore an adult who clings on something too much (i.e., the stuffed toy)

3) People who cling on to something too much are too proud of what they have or had to let go and accept that there are better things around them

Thus, the connection to pride - at least IMHO

Now, about the motif - it's just it, a motif. Kinda like halloween - you don't have to worship the devil to have a good time during halloween.

It's graphic, yeah, but it's also a reflection on how the 7 sins can corrupt your soul. I think it's cool in an over the top way. And I don't think posting pics like that exactly promotes lust, greed, etc..

Chill out.

Mommy Chi said...

hi anna!

kakaibang theme naman yan for a concert

Kat said...


thanks for the insight =) but how about the photo on the bed? it won't be there for nothing, don't you think?

and the thing is not everyone has the same thoughts on the images as yours. and they're like everywhere! in newspapers, as stickers (distributed freely in schools), posters, and on websites.